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Malcolm's speeches in the 2012-13 session of the Scottish Parliament You can read a full list of Malcolm's speeches and questions to in the 2007-2011 sessions of the Scottish Parliament, by clicking here >>> Malcolm debates Scotland's Future (October 3rd 2012) "The Deputy First Minister is a superb debater ... but her speech ... was constructed from building blocks of fantasy: fantasy about Labourís position on these matters; fantasy about the world of limitless resources that she would rather have than the world of declining resources that we live in; and fantasy about Scandinavian welfare with Romney-type tax cuts, which is her prospectus for an independent Scotland." Read Malcolm's contribution to the debate in full >>> Malcolm debates the Community Empowerment & Renewal Bill (September 12th 2012) "As a city MSP I would be delighted if the right to buy that rural communities have had was extended to urban areas, as we all know about the success of that policy in rural parts of Scotland" Read Malcolm's speech on community empowerment in full >>> Malcolm's debates the Social Care (self-directed support) Bill (September 18th 2012) "Charging people very different amounts and assessing them in different ways will be a threat to this excellent bill. That is why we need a framework of standards and an appeal mechanism." Read Malcolm's speech on self-directed support in full >>> Malcolm's asks a question on the Seafield Waste Treatment Works (September 19th 2012) "Is the minister aware that, despite some investment by Scottish Water in Seafield, there are still frequent odour emissions that are completely unacceptable to the local community? Is he further aware that the City of Edinburgh Councilís transport, infrastructure and environment committee resolved at its meeting last week to make representations to Scottish Water about investment and action to deal with the continuing problems? Will he raise the matter with Scottish Water, as I will at a meeting this Friday?" Read Malcolm's question on the Seafield stench and the reply in full >>> Malcolm debates Criminal Justice and Legal Aid (October 25th 2012) "For a long time, I have argued that women should not have to pay the money that they currently pay in order to get injunctions and so on. My preference would be that no contributions at all be required in domestic abuse cases in the civil courts. " Read Malcolm's speech on community empowerment in full >>> Malcolm debates protection for Victims and Witnesses of sexual crimes (September 25th 2012) "Scottish Womenís Aid has emphasised the importance of the quality rather than the quantity of evidence, and Rape Crisis Scotland has said that the change could make a significant difference but, crucially, only if other action is taken. Rape Crisis Scotland suggested to the Justice Committee that there should be independent representation for complainers in rape or other sexual offence cases." Read Malcolm's speech in full >>> Malcolm asks a question on the screening of bowel cancer (September 26th 2012) "At a conference organised by Bowel Cancer UK two weeks ago, we heard about the bowel cancer screening programmeís great success. Will the cabinet secretary tell us whether there are any plans to develop that programme? Will he also tell us about any action that the Scottish Government is taking to reduce some of the unacceptably long waits for colonoscopy?" Read Malcolm's question on bowel cancer >>> Malcolm asks a question about the death of Mr John Gibson (September 27th 2012) "Is the Deputy First Minister concerned that six complaints about the private homecare provider in question have been upheld by Social Care and Social Work Improvement Scotland - the care inspectorate - since February alone, and that employees of that and other homecare companies seem to be overburdened, with too many clients and too short a time with each client? " Read Malcolm's question in full >>> Selection of Malcolm's speeches in the 2011-12 session of the Scottish Parliament Malcolm debates questions to be put in the Scottish Referendum (January 26th 2012) "We must have a clear, decisive and unambiguous question on independence." Read Malcolm's speech in the Claim Of Right debate in full >>> Malcolm's comments on improving support for victioms of crime (June 13th 2012) "I also support ... domestic abuse courts. I know from having twice visited the court in Glasgow how effective it has been. The court, which has specialist sheriffs, and the victim support service in Glasgow, called advice, support, safety and information services together - ASSIST - have been crucial in providing much better support for victims. I hope that the model can be rolled out further across Scotland. I welcome the fact that such an approach has just started in Edinburgh." Read Malcolm's speech on Victim Support in full >>> Malcolm's comments on improving health and approaching obesity (May 17th 2012) "I welcome much of what the minister announced today - for example...the emphasis that she placed on dance-related projects for teenage girls, who often lose interest in other forms of activity during adolescence. I point out that such activities may also be beneficial to teenage boys and, indeed, older boys such as myself." Read Malcolm's speech on physical activity and obesity in full >>> Malcolm's comments on the economy and growth (May 10th 2012) "Many commentators who are not particularly on the Labour side of the political divide are now saying that the Government in London has fundamentally got that wrong and that it is implementing policies that are counterproductive from the point of view of reducing the deficit and bringing about growth." Read Malcolm's wide ranging speech on Government Growth Strategy >>> Malcolm's comments on making cycling more popular (March 29th 2012) "It seems to me and, I am sure, to others in the chamber that safety is the key to reaching the target. Alison Johnstone highlighted the sad and tragic fact that 16 cyclists have died on Lothian roads this century. Cyclists desperately need more space on roads and more 20mph limits in residential areas." Read more of Malcolm's speech on cycling >>> Malcolm's comments on parenting and how government can help (May 16th 2012) "I particularly welcome the ministerís statement...about preparing young people to be the parents of the future. I am sure that most of us in the chamber - the younger ones and the older ones - did not really have any preparation for being a parent...The fundamental principle underlying the strategy should be support for all families but with more intensive support, and sometimes very intensive support, for those families that need it most." Read Malcolm's speech on National Parenting Strategy in full >>> Malcolm's comments on the UK Government Budget (March 28th 2012) "It never ceases to amaze me that lower-paid people are to be made to work harder by getting less, while the rich are to be made to work harder by getting more. According to the red book, they will gain £3 billion, which will rise to £4 billion, from the corporation tax cut. " Read Malcolm's speech on the UK Government Budget in full >>> Malcolm supports Further Education, Housing and Transport (January 25th 2012) "Why on earth is a Government that claims to prioritise youth employment cutting the FE budget by 20 per cent, with the cut front loaded at 13 per cent next year, on top of 10 per cent this year? Perhaps a 10 per cent cut can be accommodated this year through efficiencies of various kinds, but can that be repeated next year? I very much doubt it." Read Malcolm's speech in the 2012-13 Budget debate in full >>> Malcolm debates options for reducing Scotland's carbon emissions (November 24th 2011) "I was particularly pleased a couple of weeks ago when at question time the First Minister referred to a memorandum of understanding between Scottish Enterprise and local partners to develop Leith docks as a hub for renewable energy. Leith docks would be an ideal location for developing the turbines that are necessary for offshore wind." Read Malcolm's speech in the debate on Scottish carbon emissions in full >>> Malcolm discusses the benefits and cost of new cancer drugs (September 29th 2011) "David Cameron, who is the new professor of oncology at the University of Edinburgh [describes] how new cancer treatments are targeting specific subtypes of cancer, which means that the already expensive cancer drugs are likely to become far more expensive in the future because they will be used on smaller subgroups of patients rather than on everyone who has a particular type of tumour. " Read Malcolm's speech in the debate on cancer drugs in full >>> Malcolm highlights issues surrounding mental health and ill health (September 28th 2011) "Stigma can manifest itself in the kind of disgust that prevents sufferers of conditions such as anorexia and bulimia nervosa, for example, from seeking the support that they need. Broader society still misunderstands those life-threatening mental illnesses " Read Malcolm's speech in the debate on mental health in full >>> Malcolm highlights concerns about alcohol related illness in Scotland (September 28th 2011) "I have become increasingly concerned about ... a 700 per cent increase in chronic liver disease in Scotland over the past 25 years and, in particular, a steep rise over the past six or seven years, demonstrating that alcohol is an even greater public health issue now than it was a decade or so ago." Read Malcolm's speech in the debate on alcohol abuse in full >>> Malcolm speaks out about Leith biomass plant and related issues (September 22nd 2011) "I want to challenge the green credentials of large-scale biomass while welcoming the prospect of Leith docks as a site for the manufacture and assembly of wind turbines, as envisaged in Scottish Enterpriseís national renewables infrastructure plan." Read Malcolm's speech in the debate on a Low-Carbon Economy in full >>> Malcolm highlights concerns about support for working families (September 22nd 2011) "Two options have been put forward for universal credit. However, Save the Children tells us that a single parent earning £15,000 a year and paying £230 a week for childcare would be £60 a week worse off under either option. The situation is very depressing, with the Westminster Government rolling back the advances that we have seen in childcare support over the past 15 years or so. " Read Malcolm's speech in the debate on affordable childcare in full >>> Selection of Malcolm's speeches in the 2010-11 session of the Scottish Parliament Malcolm calls for more social housing and the rebuilding of the Fort (June 29th 2011) "I make a plea to the minister to support the bid from Edinburgh to the £20 million council house part of the innovation and investment fund. The main part of Edinburgh’s bid is for the demolition and rebuilding of Fort house in my constituency, which has had enormous problems attached to it for some time. We desperately need it to be rebuilt on the current site" Read Malcolm's speech in the debate on preventative spending in full >>> Question to the Cabinet Sceretary for Health on Elsie Inglis (June 9th 2011) "Is the cabinet secretary concerned that, if relatives had not complained, the next inspection of the Elsie Inglis nursing home might have been in October 2012, two years after the previous routine inspection? " Read Malcolm's question and the Cabinet Secretary's answer >>> Malcolm questions the Scottish Government on the Leith Biomass Plant (June to December 2010) "Is the minister aware of recent American research by the Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences, which shows that electricity from biomass would result in even more greenhouse gas emissions than coal-fired electricity would do by 2050? Will she ensure that the summary of the research, which I have sent to the Scottish Government, is read by all her colleagues who have responsibility for energy and by the First Minister?" Read all the questioning and answer in full >>> The first three years of a child's life are crucial (March 9th 2011) "It is difficult for us to invest now for benefits in 20 yearsí time but ... we will have benefits within a very short timeframe - within one year - if we invest in the agenda." Read Malcolm's speech in the debate on preventative spending in full >>> Malcolm debates issues around domestic violence (December 23rd) "In 21st century Scotland, equality should not be a bonus to be awarded at times of plenty and should not suit a particular public or political mood or agenda. It is a basic human right both morally and in the laws of the country." Read Malcolm's speech in full >>> Malcolm debates issues around unemployment (March 9th 2011) "The combination of the effect of unemployment on individuals and its effect on the wider economy should mean that employment and job creation are at the heart of our concerns here in the Scottish Parliament, as they ought to be in the Westminster Parliament." Read Malcolm's speech in full >>> Unemployment is not a price worth paying (November 4th 2010) "Labour's announcement of a Scottish future jobs fund, which would provide 10,000 jobs or training places for young people, is so important." Read Malcolm's speech in the debate on managing Scotland's Finances in full >>> Malcolm speaks about improving awareness of mental health issues (September 29th 2010) "At a time when people are looking to reduce the workforce in all sorts of areas, there is a danger that employers might regard people with mental health problems as easier to lay off." Read Malcolm's speech in full >>> Malcolm on public spending cuts (July 1st, September 9th 2010) "There is an urgent need for the Government to produce costed options to deal with the £1.2 billion cash cut that we face next year. It would be ideal if it made its own proposals, but even providing a menu of costed options would help the debate because, at the moment, much of it takes place in the dark. We urgently need to start a real discussion about next year's budget that transcends political positioning and knee-jerk responses to any proposal that is made." Read the speech in full >>> "I understand why Conservative and Liberal Democrat members do not want to deal with the wider context. Their view, as expressed by Danny Alexander on Tuesday, is that there is no choice at a UK level, but that is patent nonsense. We should remember that there is no sound economic rationale for making cuts so deeply and so fast. The action that the Tories and the Lib Dems are taking may well be counterproductive not just for growth, but from the point of view of its effect on the markets, which are already getting spooked by the impact on growth of the European deficit reduction programmes." Read the speech in full >>> Selection of Malcolm's speeches in the 2009-10 session of the Scottish Parliament Malcolm debates minimum pricing for units of alcohol (June 10th) "I am as concerned as anyone about the potential effect on low-income drinkers, which is an issue that I certainly take very seriously, but let me make two points in response. First, as others have said, poorer communities suffer the most from alcohol. Indeed, the death rate in such communities is 13.5 times greater than in the most affluent communities." Read Malcolm's speech in full >>> Malcolm questions the Government about NHS funding in Lothian (May 13th & 27th) "Is [Nicola Sturgeon] concerned that, this year, NHS Lothian is getting 13.69 per cent of the cake although it is entitled to 14.61 per cent of it? That is a funding gap of £69 million. It is even more concerning that the gap is £5 million greater than it was last year." Read the questions and answers in full >>> Malcolm's concerns for vulnerable children (May 20th & June 30th) "In the United States indicated that children in vulnerable families who received intensive home visiting from health visitors up to the age of two were, by the age of 15, half as likely to have psychological problems and half as likely to have been involved in the criminal justice system as similar children who were not in the programme." Read the speech in full >>> "Since August 2008, Circle has been working with female offenders in prison and when they return home to enable them to maintain and rebuild their family lives. Many women who enter Cornton Vale have no idea what happens to their children from the point at which they enter custody. There is a real breakdown in communication at that point, and Circle provides an important bridge in passing on information about care arrangements, facilitating parent-child visits and ensuring that the offending parent is aware of and can participate in their children's hearings sessions." Read the speech in full >>> Malcolm raises issues around aftercare for Breast cancer patients (May 19th 2010) "It is estimated that at least one patient in five who undergoes surgery for breast cancer goes on to develop lymphoedema in their arm. Because of the good news that more women are surviving breast cancer, more women are now at risk of developing lymphoedema." Read Malcolm's speech in full >>> Malcolm defends Edinburgh schools and local projects (February 10th 2010) "The Government must find a mechanism to ensure that local government prioritises schools because, as I have said several times in the past few months, nothing is more important to the future of Scotland than the education of our young people. As budgets get tighter, it will become increasingly important for the Government to decide what its priorities are and to find a mechanism for delivering them. " Read the question and answer in full >>> Malcolm calls for progress on flood prevention measures (December 10th 2009) "Does the cabinet secretary understand the frustration and anger of my constituents in Bonnington and Stockbridge at the further delays to the Water of Leith flood prevention scheme because of the failure of the Scottish Government to meet the original commitment to fund 80 per cent of the work?" Read the question and answer in full >>> Malcolm calls for increased funding of Scottish education (December 16th 2009) "Is the cabinet secretary aware that in the real world of Edinburgh, where his SNP colleagues are part of the council administration, there are proposals not to increase nursery hours, not to extend free school meals, not to reduce class sizes and - most of all - to cut school budgets for each of the next three years by 2.5 per cent per annum?" Read the question and answer in full >>> The Scottish Government's 2010-11 Budget (December 17th 2009, January 20th, 2010) "A great deal can be done to support the economy within the budget over which the cabinet secretary has control. At the Finance Committee on Tuesday, the cabinet secretary said that the £300 million that he wanted from capital acceleration would make the difference between growth and recession. If he really believes that, it is quite astonishing that he has not done more in his own budget to support areas that would boost economic recovery." Read Malcolm's contribution to the debate in full >>>

"One advantage of the budget process is that we can hear a great deal of evidence from a range of stakeholders and experts before we come to the chamber to debate the budget. I am sure that members have surveyed much of the evidence. The key message that comes through from a vast number of people who gave evidence is that the budget is deficient in supporting economic recovery. That is why Labour's key demand is that there should be movement in the economic area." Read Malcolm's contribution to the debate in full >>>
Malcolm asks John Swinney about funding for deprived areas in Edinburgh (January 27th 2010) "Is there anything in the single outcome agreements or the guidance to ensure that my council, which is a Scottish National Party coalition administration, will still have to dedicate money to area-based regeneration?" Read Malcolm's question in full, with the answer >>> Malcolm highlights the Chancellor's Pre Budget Report (December 16th 2009) "As we would expect, the cabinet secretary emphasised the bad news in the pre-budget report, but forgot the good. I hope that he welcomes the protection that has been given by the chancellor for health, schools and police in England, which will feed through into our budget. I hope that he and his cabinet colleagues will find a similar way to protect schools, as I said during Michael Russell's statement." Read Malcolm's contribution to the debate in full >>> Question about the threat to jobs at Telford College (October 1st 2009): "The cabinet secretary mentioned Telford College in my constituency, and she will know that there have been several job losses among staff there, including compulsory redundancies in the business, information technology and finance departments. Given the importance of those areas to the Edinburgh economy, does she think that the decision of the management of the college was wise? " Malcolm's question and the Minister's response >>> The decision to return Abdelbaset al-Megrahi to Libya (August-September 2009): "Whatever anyone thinks about the cabinet secretary's motivation, his decision was certainly not based on populism, given that widespread opposition could be anticipated. What has taken me aback and surprised many others is the strength of support for the decision, as I have seen for myself in scores of e-mails, letters and comments from constituents and others during the past week." Malcolm's contributions in full >>> Question to the First Minister about Scotsman jobs (October 8th 2009): "Does the First Minister share my concern at the loss of 100 jobs in my constituency as a result of the decision of Johnston Press to print its titles in Sunderland and in the west of Scotland, without creating any additional jobs in those areas? ." Malcolm's question and the First Minister's response >>> The shared history and links between Scotland and Poland (October 28th 2009): "It is fitting that there is a war memorial in the Redbraes community garden in my constituency to the Poles who died in the war. I pay tribute to PC Simon Daley, whose idea the memorial was; it was one of several actions to help bring the Scottish and Polish communities together." Malcolm's contribution in full >>> Selection of Malcolm's speeches in the 2008-9 session of the Scottish Parliament You can read a full list of Malcolm's speeches and questions in this session of the Scottish Parliament, by clicking here >>> Motion proposed for debate by Malcolm (July 2009): School closures in Edinburgh North & Leith >>> The Climate Change Bill (Scotland) (June 2009): "This is the most important debate on the bill; indeed, this has been the key issue throughout the whole process. We all know that cumulative emissions are what matter and that, as a result, early action is crucial" Malcolm's speech in full >>> The Climate Change Bill (Scotland) (May 2009): "The Climate Change (Scotland) Bill is the most important bill of the parliamentary session and climate change is the most urgent issue of the age. Climate change not only threatens the future of our children and grandchildren, but is already affecting millions of people throughout the world." Malcolm's speech in full >>> Motion proposed for debate by Malcolm (July 2009): Congratulations to Bethany Christion Trust >>> Question to the First Minister about Telford College (June 2009): "Given that business, tourism and information technology are central to the Edinburgh economy, is the First Minister as appalled as I am that Edinburgh's Telford College, in my constituency, is talking about axing most of the teaching staff in its departments on those subjects in addition to support staff throughout the college?" Malcolm's question in full, and the First Minister's response >>>

Malcolm's motion for debate on the cuts at Telford College >>>
Leith Festival (June 2009): "Can a modest amount of the expo fund be used to support the Leith festival, given that it has lost some of its commercial sponsorship? Can I encourage members to attend some of the wonderful events that will be on during June in the greatest community arts festival in Scotland?" The Minister's response >>> Spartans Community Football Academy (May 2009): "The outstanding success over the past few months of the Spartans Community Football Academy ... has provided facilities for hundreds of young people in my constituency - many of whom would otherwise be on street corners. Does the cabinet secretary share my disappointment that the academy was not successful in the previous round of applications to cashback for communities?" Malcolm's speech in full >>> Motion proposed for debate by Malcolm (May 2009): Congratulations to The Junction community health project >>> Antisocial behaviour in flats let short term for holidays (June 2009): "Can the cabinet secretary confirm that he is open-minded about modifying section 7 of the 2004 act so that antisocial behaviour notices can be enforced on landlords?" Malcolm's question in full, and the Justice Minister's response >>> Community Health Nurses (June 2009): "Does the minister agree with the majority of nurses that the generic community health nurse model would result in a loss of nursing experience in relation to children, young people and families, and that it would be better to have multidisciplinary community health teams that concentrate on either early years or adults?" Malcolm's speech in full >>> Looking back at the HBOS - Lloyds TSB merger (May 2009): "One very interesting piece of information is that the Lloyds Banking Group is beginning to see Edinburgh as a centre of excellence, including for its procurement arm and asset management business. We have to look at what happened in terms of swings and roundabouts." Malcolm's speech in full >>> Questions on antisocial behaviour and housing (April 2009): "As the minister will know, I wrote to him a few weeks ago asking him to consider various options for dealing with antisocial behaviour in short-term lets" The Minister''s reply >>>

"The City of Edinburgh Council has said clearly that it cannot meet [the 2012 homelessness target with the level of resources that it receives" The Minister's reply >>>
Motion proposed for debate by Malcolm (April 2009): Citadel Youth Centre and intergenerational work >>> Malcolm on the UK Government's budget (April 2009): "The Centre for Economic and Business Research, which is one of the bodies that analysed the VAT element, said in its report that turnover will be between £8 billion and £9 billion higher this year because of the VAT measure. That has clearly been of substantial benefit to the economy." More >>> Question to the Finance Minister on borrowing powers for the Parliament (February 5th 2009): "There are two ... reasons why borrowing powers cannot be a panacea. ... We would have to pay back any borrowing from what will inevitably be tighter budgets over the next few years. Secondly ... any borrowing that we undertake would be part of UK borrowing, which cannot expand without limit, partly because of our membership of the European Union and partly for sound macroeconomic reasons." More >>> Malcolm in the opening debate (September 3rd 2008):"For me, the key issues in politics now, in recent times and, in some cases, for all time, are how the Government's programme will deliver social justice, how it will deliver on climate change and how it will deliver on economic growth" More >>> Selection of Malcolm's speeches in the 2007-8 session of the Scottish Parliament Malcolm on the Scotish Performing Arts (March 13th, April 24th 2008, May 22nd): "Does the minister accept that the Scottish Government has a responsibility because the drama courses in particular are not funded at conservatoire level and have to cross-subsidise the music courses? Will she intervene with the Scottish Further and Higher Education Funding Council to try to rectify the underlying problem?"
More >>>

"[Linda Fabiani] recognised that creative Scotland will have many new responsibilities, but that means that traditional support for the performing arts will decline. Does that not give her cause for concern? " More >>>

"In Edinburgh, is not the council's SNP coalition administration depriving children of opportunities to access and enjoy Scottish Ballet and Scottish Opera?" More >>>
Malcolm on Fair Trade (March 19th, May 22nd 2008):"Madrid put forward tendering proposals for the supply of Fairtrade T-shirts. Perhaps Scotland could develop that idea further to include fair and ethical criteria in its procurement contracts for the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth games. That is just one way in which Scotland can do more not only to support the ideals of Fairtrade but to promote more ethical codes of practice in business in Scotland and abroad. " More >>>

"Was the First Minister concerned by this week's BBC Scotland report that several public authorities have entered into contracts with companies accused of serious abuses of workers' rights, including child labour?" More >>>
Malcolm on the way forward for the NHS in Scotland (March 12th 2008): "Independent scrutiny represents another step towards establishing an open and effective procedure for bringing about service change that is based on developing options with people, not on presenting options to them.It is fair to say that such an approach has been evolving over a number of years and that, as I say, this is the next stage in the process." More >>> Malcolm on renewable energy (February 28th 2008):"Small-scale renewable energy technologies can play an important role in reducing domestic energy consumption ... the 15 per cent renewables target for new developments set out in Scottish planning policy 6, which was issued before the election, can be important in expanding their use" More >>> Malcolm on Trident (June 14th 2007):"The non-proliferation treaty is crucial to the debate. The treaty is a bargain: nations without nuclear weapons promised not to develop them and, in exchange, nuclear weapons states promised to pursue negotiations towards nuclear disarmament in good faith. As Mohamed ElBaradei, head of the United Nations nuclear watchdog, asked recently, how can Britain expect other countries to refrain from acquiring nuclear weapons if it upgrades Trident?" More >>>