Malcolm comments on social justice, HBOS, Trident, cancer, the arts, and more...
Malcolm's speeches from the 2007-2011 sessions of the Scottish Parliament Speeches and Questions on Climate Change and the Environment Debate on Climate Change (March 18th 2010) >>>
The Climate Change (Scotland) Bill Final Reading (June 24th 2009) >>>
The Climate Change (Scotland) Bill (May 6th 2009) >>>
Edinburgh, Leith and Earth Hour 2009 (March 26th 2009) >>>
Ecocongregations: Scottish churches and climate change (December 17th (2008) >>>
Renewable energy and Pelamis Wave Power (October 2nd 2008) >>>
Question on Domestic Energy Consumption (February 28th 2008) >>>
Wave generated renewable energy (September 25th 2008) >>>
Speeches and Questions on Crime and Justice Debate on domestic violence against women (December 23rd 2010) >>>
Question on the Forensic Science Services Modernisation Programme (December 2nd 2010) >>>
Questions on violence against women and children (December 2nd 2010) >>>
Question to the Lord Advocate on People Trafficking (October 7th 2010) >>>
Debate on Forensic Science Service(September 23rd 2010) >>>
The Mental Health of Female Prisoners (February 11th 2010) >>>
Question on Violence against Women (September 27th 2007) >>>
Speeches and Questions on Economic matters and jobs: Taking Scotland Forward: Infrastructure & Capital Investment (June 29th 2011) >>>
Debate on Employment Service (Edinburgh) (March 9th 2011) >>>
Debate on managing Scotland's Finance (November 4th 2010) >>>
Debate on the Independent Budget Review (September 9th 2010) >>>
The Scottish Budget Strategy Phase 2011-12: The Finance Committee's Report (July 1st 2010) >>>
Scotland's Budget for 2010-11: Local Government Revenue (February 10th 2010) >>>
Scotland's Budget for 2010-11: Stage 1 Debate (January 20th 2010) >>>
The Scottish Budget Process 2010-11 (December 17th 2009) >>>
The UK Pre-Budget Report (December 16th 2009) >>>
Question to First Minister about the loss of The Scotsman & Evening News jobs (October 8th 2009) >>>
Debate on the campaign for a Scottish Living Wage (September 17th 2009) >>>
Question to the First Minister on Chambers leaving Scotland (September 17th 2009) >>>
Finance and Sustainable Growth: Strategic Budget Scrutiny (September 10th 2009) >>>
The HBOS - Lloyds TSB merger (May 13th 2009) >>>
The UK Government's Budget 2009 (April 30th 2009) >>>
Jobs in Edinburgh's financial services sector (February 26th 2009) >>>
UK Government support for Scottish banks (February 12th 2009) >>>
Borrowing powers for the Scottish Parliament (February 5th 2009) >>>
Affordable rentable housing in Edinburgh and Leith (January 15th 2009) >>>
The UK Government 2008-9 Pre-budget Report (education and housing) (December 3rd 2008) >>>
HBOS (September 24th 2008) >>>
The Scottish Government's programme for 2008-9 (September 3rd 2008) >>>
Question to the First Minister on Fair Trade (May 22nd 2008) >>>
Fairtrade Fortnight (March 19th 2008) >>>
Speeches and Questions on Education: Debate on Curriculum for Excellence (February 25th 2010) >>>
Question on education funding for Edinburgh (December 12th 2009) >>>
Question on job losses at Telford College (October 1st 2009) >>>
Debate on education, school rolls, classroom sizes and teacher numbers (September 24th 2009) >>>
Question on City of Edinburgh Council, school closures & class room sizes (September 17th 2009) >>>
Consultation on the schools closure in Edinburgh (September 2nd 2009) >>>
Telford College and consequentials (June 11th 2009) >>>
Reductions in education spending (February 5th 2009) >>>
School budget cuts (December 11th 2009) >>>
Question to the First Minister about Edinburgh's schools (September 6th 2007) >>>
Speeches and Questions on Europe, The World & Scotland: Debate on motion celebrating the Scottish-Polish connection (October 28th 2009) >>>
The EU and Scots Law (March 12th 2009) >>>
International Development policy (September 17th 2008) >>>
Debate on the European Union Reform Treaty (December 19th 2007) >>>
Debate on the European Treaty (September 19th 2007) >>>
Debate on Trident (June 14th 2007) >>>
7 Speeches and Questions on Health, Care & Carers: Question on the inspection of Care Homes with special reference to Elsie Inglis(June 9th 2011) >>>
Taking Scotland Forward: Health, Wellbeing and Cities Strategy (June 8th 2011) >>>
Debate on Preventative Spending (childrens' early years) (March 9th 2011) >>>
Question on the Royal Hospital for Sick Children (January 13th 2011) >>>
Questions on breast cancer screening (December 16th 2010) >>>
Questions on the Care Commission, regulation and inspections (December 13th 2010) >>>
Question on funding for health in Scotland (November 17th 2010) >>>
Debate on the "see me" campaign against stigma associated with mental health (September 29th 2010) >>>
The Public Services Reform Bill & The Mental Welfare Commission (March 25th 2010) >>>
Question about children facing homelessness (March 24th 2010) >>>
Questions on Social Care Procurement for adults (March 4th 2010) >>>
The Report on Improving Health in Scotland & Preventing Obesity (February 24th 2010) >>>
The Health and Sport Committee's report: "Inquiry into child and adolescent mental health and well-being" (February 11th 2010) >>>
Question on Social Care Procurement and the tendering process(February 4th 2010) >>>
Health: The importance of support during children's early years (January 7th 2010) >>>
The Care Commission and the safety of the elderly (October 29th 2009) >>>
Debate on service to older people >>> (October 28th 2009)
Debate on Breast Cancer in Scotland (September 30th 2009) >>>
Community Health Nurses (June 3rd 2009) >>>
Extending access to new drugs (March 25th 2009) >>>
The election of Directors to Health Boards (March 12th 2009) >>>
Carers and Equal Opportunities (February 25th 2009) >>>
Accountability of Health Boards and the cost of cancer drugs (January 15th 2009) >>>
Tissue donation (October 9th 2008) >>>
Independent Scrutiny of the NHS (March 12th 2008) >>>
Renewable energy and Pelamis Wave Power (October 2nd 2008) >>>
Question to the First Minister on the low increase in health spending (November 22nd 2007) >>>
Debate on making the Health Service local (February 15th 2007) >>>
Speeches and Questions on Housing and Planning: Questions on the planned Leith Biomass Plant (June 2010 to March 2011) >>>
Debate on the Factoring Bill (December 8th 2010) >>>
Housing Strategy (September 16th 2010) >>>
Question on Town Centre Regeneration Funding for Leith (March 4th 2010) >>>
Debate on Factoring Services Bill (March 4th 2010) >>>
Question about making Listed Buildings environmentally friendly (February 25th 2010) >>>
Question on the Fairer Scotland Fund (Guidance) (January 28th 2010) >>>
Funding for Flood prevention for Bonnington and Stockbridge (December 12th 2009) >>>
Question on allocation of funds for Town Centre Regeneration (September 14th 2009) >>>
The Scottish Government's application of Home Insulation Grants (September 1st 2009) >>>
Short term lets and antisocial behaviour (June 18th 2009) >>>
Ensuring Edinburgh can meet the 2012 Homelessness Target (May 14th) >>>
Short term lets and antisocial behaviour (April 2nd, April 30th 2009) >>>
Housing resources and supply in Edinburgh (April 29th 2009) >>>
Improving Council Housing in Edinburgh and Leith (March 19th 2009) >>>
Improving Council Housing in Edinburgh and Leith (March 19th 2009) >>>
The National Planning Framework (March 5th 2009) >>>
Local Authorities and the 2012 Homelessness Target (February 26th 2009) >>>
Extra funding for affordable housing (February 12th 2009) >>>
Capital City status for Edinburgh (October 9th 2008) >>>
Housing Debate (June 21st 2007) >>>
Speeches and Questions on Local Government: Scotland's Budget for 2010-11: Local Government Revenue (February 10th 2010) >>>
Council cuts and the anti-poverty agenda (November 27th 2008) >>>
Speeches and Questions on Sport, Culture and the Arts: Question on Creative Scotland and Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop (October 28th 2010) >>>
Leith Festival (June 3rd 2009) >>>
Spartans Community Football Academy (May 28th 2009) >>>
Local broadcasting (October 8th 2008) >>>
Question about children's access to music (May 22nd 2008) >>>
The Future of the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama (April 24th 2008) >>>
Question on the Performing Arts in Scotland (March 13th 2008) >>>
Debate on St Andrew's Day (November 29th 2007) >>>
Question about the future of North Edinburgh Arts Centre (September 13th 2007) >>>
Speeches and Questions on Transport and the Tram Project: Funding for the Trams Project (September 16th 2010) >>>
Edinburgh Airport (Drop-off Charges (September 9th 2010) >>>
Question on the SNP and keeping the cost of the tram project down (October 1st 2009) >>>
Transport Debate (June 27th 2007) >>>
Question to the First Minister on the Edinburgh Tram Project (May 31st 2007) >>>