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SURGERIESEvery Saturday No appointment necessary. Leith Library: 10.00am
Wardieburn Community Centre: 12.00
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LATEST: Read Malcolm supporting the Living Wage >>> Malcolm supports the campaign against a wood burning Biomass Plant planned for Leith Docks Malcolm in winter wear with a woman in a red coat signing a petition beside the Queen Victoria statueMalcolm Chisholm in February, helping collect signiatures against the Biomass Plant "Forth Energy has consistently promoted the idea that burning wood fuel and replenishing crops after harvest limits the levels of carbon that are released into the atmosphere, but an increasing number of environmental organisations have stated that that position is too simplistic. The long-term effects of biomass combustion on the atmosphere and on climate change depend on the type of feedstock that is used, how sustainable the source is, and the alternative energy sources that are displaced by investment in such plants." Malcolm in the Scottish Parliament, September 22nd 2011

I have been made aware of very serious concerns about the proposal and I myself have many serious concerns. I have asked the Scottish Government a series of questions about the plant in Parliament.

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LATEST: Read Malcolm's latest contribution to the debate about Scotland's future >>> Malcolm writes in favour of the trams coming to Leith and questions the Scottish Government "Residents and businesses have endured a great deal of disruption over the last two to three years and the least they can expect is some tangible benefit..."

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Malcolm's recent speeches and work in the Scottish Parliament In the opening month of the new session I have asked questions on the Seafield Waste Treatment Works and on the quality of home care. I have spoken in debates on the new Community Empowerment Bill, on greater backing for victims and witnesses of sexual crimes, and on and on self-directed care.

In the last months of the 2011-12 session I spoke on issues of national concern such as the Scottish economy, the 2014 referendum, and the 2012-13 Budget for Scotland, where I put the focus on further education, housing and sustainable transport. I have also spoken on support for victims of crime, on cycling, about the importance of support for parents, and raised concerns about PIP breast implants. I have also been active in commmittee work, for example on legislation governing property factors.

In the last months of the 2010-11 Scottish Parliamentary session, I raised issues of local concern such as problems with care homes, such as Elsie Inglis, and problems with factoring services. I also concentrated on wider issues that affect constitutents in Edinburgh North & Leith. I have spoken in debates about infrastructure and investment in Scotland, in which I argue that we focus on housing strategy, as well as on creating jobs for young people. I have very recently argued the importance of investing in the first three years of a child's life.

Malcolm with members of the Opening Doors scheme in the garden lobby of the Scottish Parliament buildings

Malcolm speaking to workers against the Council's privatisation plans outside Edinburgh City Chambers in December

I am now a member of the Infrastructure and Capital Investment Committee, and Substitute Member of the Public Petitions Committee.

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Malcolm can help with local issues If you have a concern about a local issue - it doesn't matter how local. For example, I have taken up an issue of road safety at Granton Mill Rd and West Granton Rd. I have written to LRT and the City of Edinburgh Council suggesting that the bus stop be moved to the opposite side of the road and to the East where the road is wider.

All of my contact details are to the left, or you can click here to email me >>>
read about Malcolm's involvement in the Opening Doors scheme to encourage more people from ethnic minority communites into politics >>>

Malcolm with members of the Opening Doors scheme in the garden lobby of the Scottish Parliament buildings
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