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My name is Malcolm Chisholm and I am training to be an insurance broker specialising in finding and comparing the best quotes on motor insurance. Whether you are looking for UK short term car insurance or perhaps you are moving house and just need 1 day van insurance, I may be able to help you get the best deal once I am qualified and regulated by the Financial Services Authority here in the UK.

I am currently re-developing my website so please check back soon for more information on myself, background, and contact details. In my spare time I also consult on wedding speeches and have written quite a few for others as a side hobby. I though I would include one below on how to deliver the perfect father of the groom speech!

Being a father of a groom brings out slightly different emotions than being a father of a bride. While the father and son relationship is still special and treasured, most fathers tend not to be as emotional at these weddings as they do at the wedding ceremonies of their daughters. However, the speech given by the father of the groom to the newly married couple is equally as important.

The best father of the groom speeches indicate how proud the father is of his son. It is significant for a son to hear his father give praise and honor to the man that he has become. Most fathers also give some type of recollection of a special memory of the groom when he was younger. This memory may be of sporting events, fishing trips, or other times the two spent together.

Once the father has recognized the man that he has raised and reflected on the groom’s childhood, it is time for the father to turn to his new daughter-in-law. This is a good time for the groom’s father to discuss how proud he is to have the bride in his family and how lucky his son is to have found such a good wife.

Many fathers like to throw in a humorous comment or two about marriage or husbands and housework, or something of the similar. This is, in most cases, very acceptable and enjoyable in a father of the groom speech.

The speech should be concluded by wishing the couple all of the happiness in the world and once again welcoming the bride into the family.